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On the Heels of Freedom: The American Missionary Association’s Bold Campaign to Educate Minds, Open Hearts, and Heal the Soul of a Divided Nation (Crossroad, 2005)

Then Shall Your Light Rise: Spiritual Formation and Social Witness (Upper Room Books, 1997)

Clothed with the Sun: Biblical Women, Social Justice, and Us (Westminster John Knox Press, 1994)

Turning Toward Home: A Sojourn of Hope (Harper & Row, 1989)

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Waging Peace: Global Adventures of a Lifelong Activist (PM Press, 2014); co-author with David Hartsough

Faith Beyond Borders: Doing Justice in a Dangerous World (Abingdon Press, 2010) and With Our Own Eyes: The Dramatic Story of a Christian Response to the Wounds of War, Racism, and Oppression (Herald Press, 1996); co-author with Don Mosley

 Held in the Light: Norman Morrison’s Sacrifice for Peace and His Family’s Journey of Healing (Orbis Books, 2008); co-author with Anne Morrison Welsh

Clarence Jordan: Essential Writings (Orbis Books, 2003); editor

Cloud of Witnesses (Orbis Books, 1991) and Crucible of Fire: The Church Confronts Apartheid (Orbis Books, 1989); co-editor with Jim Wallis

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Chapters in Bury the Dead: Stories of Death and Dying, Resistance and Discipleship (Wipf & Stock, 2013); On Our Way: Christian Practices for Living a Whole Life (Upper Room Books, 2010); Way to Live: Christian Practices for Teens (Upper Room Books, 2002); Apostle of Peace: Essays in Honor of Daniel Berrigan (Orbis Books, 1996) and Nuclear Energy and Ethics (World Council of Churches Publications, 1991).

What People Are Saying about Joyce’s Books

On the Heels of Freedom:

“This important book not only recalls the glorious past but also reveals the creative tension in which faith calls us to live. This is the clash of the forces of the world for good and those at work against it. The powerful history told here is a reminder that the choice is still ours to make.” —Andrew Young

“As wickedness in high places ravages the earth today, Joyce Hollyday emerges as the persistent chronicler of decency and courage.”  —Daniel Berrigan

“Written with the skill of Alice Walker, this illuminating history is a tour de force.” —Noel Leo Erskine

“Joyce Hollyday is an artist, crafting a vivid portrait of the daring and holy dream of peace and equality in our land. In this remarkable and radiant weaving of stories past and present, she rekindles the fires of hope for humanity.” —Nancy Hastings Sehested

“Because long-term race issues in our society are so vexed and complex, the recovery of memory —not only the deep brutalizing trouble, but also the daring initiatives taken in faith toward an alternative—is an urgent enterprise among us. Hollyday has rendered a valuable service in this book packed with nuance and detail.” —Walter Brueggemann

Clothed with the Sun:

 “Few books give us as much help for a transformative work in ourselves and in the world.” —Elizabeth O’Connor

“I’m most grateful to Joyce Hollyday for this thoughtful and readable book, which is not for women only. Men, too, can learn a lot about women in Scripture, the experience of women today, and themselves.” —William Sloane Coffin

“It is a blessing to have this book as we explore our challenges today and seek ways to remain faithful.” —Catherine Meeks

Then Shall Your Light Rise:

“This timely book is a prophetic prodding and gentle wooing toward courageous participation in God’s presence and mission in the world. Through poignant stories from her own experience and voices from the marginalized and suffering, Joyce Hollyday leads us into the depths of the Bible’s vision of God’s justice, love, and joy.” —Kenneth L. Carder

Clarence Jordan:

“This book is a jewel. It is for anyone who wants to better understand the mind of Clarence Jordan and, more importantly, the mind and Spirit of Christ.” —Millard Fuller

“Clarence Jordan was a brave Southern saint when white saints were few. Pass this book around!” —Will Campbell

Waging Peace:

 “I treasure this long-awaited memoir that takes us along on extraordinary encounters that challenge our notions of what one person in one lifetime can do.” —Joanna Macy

Waging Peace is a book that every peace-loving person must read and learn from.” —Arun Gandhi 

“I highly recommend this book to every American who wishes to live in a world with peace and justice and wants to feel empowered to help create that world.” —Daniel Ellsberg

“I hope this beautiful, inspiring book will be widely read, especially by young people. This story is a great gift, a shining example and luminous record of relentless peacemaking. It proves that every one of us can make a difference.” —John Dear

Waging Peace highlights an exemplary nonviolent life and encourages us to the same.” —Martin Sheen

Held in the Light:

 “This is a heart-breaking story that gives us hope and helps us to ‘carry the weight of the past.’” —Nora Gallagher

“This truthful, compelling memoir opens wide the mystery of compassionate love.” —James Carroll

Faith Beyond Borders:

 Faith Beyond Borders shares with us what a follower of Christ looks like in the 21st century.” —Tony Campolo

 “This book takes us beyond the borders of our limited imaginations to catch a little glimpse of the life that’s possible when we take Jesus at his word.” —Shaine Claiborne & Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

With Our Own Eyes:

“This is the inspiring story of what can happen when a group of Christians takes seriously Jesus’ call to be peacemakers in a world full of violence. I have been encouraged by their witness as I have tried to put my own faith into action.” —Jimmy Carter